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Accounting Tips

I will be adding tips for making accounting more efficient based on things I have seen during my reviews of work by myself and others.

The best thing about the internet is the ability to link to other useful information so as not to have to reinvent the wheel.   While QuickBooks is the best accounting program available, it is no different from any other software in that it is vulnerable to GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).

Understanding these basic accounting fundamentals will enable you to keep more accurate books and better understand the reports generated by QB.  Here are some good concise guides to the basics of accounting that I found on the web. 

Basic Terms and Concepts - from  (8/7/08)

Accounting Basics - from  (8/7/08)

Accounting Basics - from  (8/7/08)

Accounting Basics - from  (8/7/08)




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