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Using Multiple Versions of QuickBooks On One Computer


Before you work on any QB file, unless you already know what version of the program it's from, you should right-click on the file in whichever file manager program you use (Windows Explorer, My Computer, PowerDesk, etc), select "Properties" and it should tell you which QB program created the file.  You should then only work on it with that program.

While every version before 2003 has been officially abandoned by QuickBooks, there are still some people using older versions.  I could be a hard-ass and force people to upgrade more often; but we have received so much grief just for making everyone use QuickBooks, that I'm willing to work with whatever they have.


It's important to use the same year program as the client is when working with their data so that you can give it back to them and they will be able to use it.

I currently have several different versions of QB installed on my main computer and a few versions of Quicken for those clients who haven't made the switch to QB.

It's very easy to do. I just have a folder on my C drive called QuickBooks. Under that, I have a folder for each version of the program (1999, 2000, 2001, etc). When you are installing a QB program on your computer, don't let the setup program use the default settings for where to install the program or it will overwrite what you already have on your computer. Choose to manually select the installation location and browse to the special folder you have set up for that year's program (2002, 2003, etc.).

The most confusing thing about running so many versions of QuickBooks at the same time is that the icons that show up on your desktop and QuickLaunch bar look exactly the same for each year. I have to float the cursor arrow over them to find which is which, and even then I occasionally open the wrong program.

In regard to the client having Premier or Pro versions of the program, you should be able to work with any of them. The important thing is the year of the program. For example, your 2005 program should be able to work with any files from Basic, Premier or Pro QB 2005 programs.



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