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QuickBooks Tips - To be Organized

These topics will be expanded and explained in more detail as time permits.

Exporting data between QB files - splitting commingled accounts

Credit Card activity should be entered directly through the cards' register and not through the A/P function for other kinds of bills

Don't make any entries to the "Opening Balance Equity" that are after the beginning of the year in which you are working. All current year activity has to be properly identified.

Put reimbursements into the same accounts as the original expenses so as not to inflate the gross income.

Merging redundant accounts

Changing type of account - 2 step process if sub-account

Merging Classes

I set up preferences the way I like them. I like to keep the Audit Trail on.

Each credit card should have its own account and be reconciled just like a bank account.



QB Zipping
You don't need to zip the QuickBooks backup files (*.qbb or *.qbx) because the programs already compresses those files. If you compare their size to the original data file (*.qbw), you should see that the backup file is about one-fifth the size. Zipping the backup file does compress the file, but only by about 3%; so I don't see it as necessary.






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