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Restoring Data Backup Files


Whether you are restoring a backup you made for your own protection or need to work with a file received from someone else, it's important to know how to work with backup files.  Their file names end in .QBB. 

Go into the "File" menu in the QB program and select "Restore."  A new window (Restore Company Backup) will pop up.  In the upper section of that window (Get Company Backup From), click on the "Browse" button to locate the backup file (*.QBB) that you want to restore. 

In the lower section of the window (Restore Company Backup To), give the file a descriptive name that is different than the one you have been previously using.  This will prevent over-writing the earlier version and will allow you to refer back to how things looked prior to any changes. If the "Location" line doesn't show the normal folder where your data files are stored, click the "Browse" button to go there. 

Then, click the "Restore" button at the bottom of the window.   You will then be able to access this file through the normal process: "File" - "Open Company"  

These will be entirely new files.  If you have already entered a lot of data since you sent me the earlier QBB files, you will have to decide whether you want to use my revised files and re-enter the new data or just refer to the revised files I sent you and make changes to your pre-existing files to match things up as of the previous year.

This is different from importing accountant's changes, which is only possible if you had made an Accountant's Review copy of the company files (ending in .QBX).  That would allow me to make changes that you can import into your existing files. 



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