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Which Version of QuickBooks
 Should You Buy?

Every year, there is at least one new version of QuickBooks from which to choose, each more expensive than the one prior.

What I have found is that the least expensive Basic version is good enough for just about everyone.  I have the top of the line Premier Accountant version and have never even had a need to export data to Excel or Word or any other program. 

There are an increasing number of other software companies designing their software to interchange data with QuickBooks.  For that capability, you need at least the Pro version of QuickBooks.  I actually have several programs that supposedly can share data with QuickBooks, but haven't seen any benefits to doing so.  I would recommend that anyone starting out with QuickBooks buy the Basic version of the newest update, which is currently QuickBooks 2005.

Versions to stay away from:

    Simple Start

    QuickBooks Online



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