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New Features On the Tax Guru's WebSite + Other News 

Updated Sec 179 info on its page plus Quick Reference page.  (12/23/15)

Updated links to online dropbox services for sending large data files to my page on sending QB files.  (4/3/14)

Updated Sec 179 info on its page plus Quick Reference page.  (12/4/10)

Added download links for Form 1128 + instructions to corp fiscal year page. (1/2/10)

Added links to new instructional videos on sending Accountant's Review files from QB 2009.  (6/12/09)

Updated Vehicle Mileage rates for IRS's 2009 amounts. (12/16/08)

Added link to 2008 California tax rates to main Tax Rates page. (10/05/08)

Added page with 2009 inflation adjusted tax rates. (9/18/08)

Added links to some basic accounting terms and concepts. (8/7/08)

Updated new IRS standard mileage rates on Quick Reference page. (6/23/08)

Added new info to the page on how to send me QB data files. (5/28/08)

Updated the Section 179 page for 2008 Economic Stimulus Act. (5/5/08)

Added 2008 IRS standard business mileage rate to Quick Reference page. (11/28/07)

Added page with 2008 inflation adjusted tax rates + added 2008 Section 179 limit to relevant pages. (9/20/07)

Added link to newly released 2007 California individual income tax rates to main tax rates page. (8/31/07)

Added links to My new blog devoted to QuickBooks tips. (7/21/07)

Modified Section 179 limits on Sec 179 and QuickRef pages to comply with new legislation signed into law on 5/25/07.  (5/26/07)  


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